Using Yoga Straps For Shoulder Mobility and Trunk Flexibility

Our shoulders and spine can become stiff and achy for a variety of reasons:

Driving, computer work, stress, athletic activities, to name a few.

I started using straps to improve shoulder range of motion a couple years ago. Adding straps to my morning warm up routine has offered me wonderful results. My shoulders and spine feel great!

Using straps can:
-warm up the body
-improve shoulder mobility
-minimize aches and pains in the shoulder region and side of the trunk
-help prevent shoulder and hip injury

Be mindful of the following:
*Keep tension on the straps throughout the exercises.
*Move with breath, do not hold your breath.
*Feet should remain grounded.
*Navel in toward the spine.

1. Front Raise Straps Overhead

(10 reps– With feet grounded, shoulder width apart, slowly raise your arms overhead with the inhale)

2. Shoulder Flossing

(5 reps With hands wider than shoulder width apart, reach straps as far over and behind your head as your shoulders will allow. Don’t force, if you are able to reach your arms behind your head comfortably, continue reaching. Keep your arms straight throughout. If this is difficult, you can widen the hands or use a stretchy band.*Time the most difficult portion of the range with the exhale.*

3. Side Flexion

(10 reps) Stand tall and hold the straps taught, as you slowly side bend at the trunk. Ground the feet and hips as you reach the straps as far as you can to the side. Breathe into the stretch.

4. Behind the back hold

(60 sec. hold– with overhand and underhand grip, bring your hands as close together as possible)

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