My name is Kai Simon. I am the founder and main author of this site. I am a 30 year old San Diego native, passionate about life.

“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.” -Eartha Kitt


I work as an exercise coach and produce fitness and wellness content with my husband, Theo.

I see clients, write blogs, film instructional videos and share as much content as I can, on fitness and health related topics. You can see my videos on my YouTube channel.

I became certified as an exercise coach 6 years ago. I have been coaching ever since. I love helping all sorts of people develop a sustainable exercise program that they enjoy. Monday through Saturday, I run private and group sessions at parks, beaches and fitness studios in the San Diego area.

Please contact me if you live in the San Diego area, and are interested in exercise coaching.

My sessions are fun and informative. Click here to see my services page.

I have come across a wealth of beneficial information that has helped me on my own personal health journey. The internet provides me with a platform to share the information that has already benefited me and so many of my clients.

My Aim For the Site Is To:

1. Provide sedentary individuals with a foundation to build on.

2. Expand on the benefits of fitness and nutrition beyond the aesthetic component.

3. Offer resources to help resolve aches and pains without the use of medication.

4. Post information to empower people with knowledge that will help them take proactive measures, rather than reactive measures.

5.Share that which inspires me!

6. Urge you to be a part of the domino effect, sharing information that will help your loved ones achieve a healthy life!

Thank you for visiting my site! 🙂