How To Improve Flexibility With Dynamic and Static Stretching

There are different types of stretching that can help you improve flexibility. Perhaps the two most common types of stretching are static stretching and dynamic stretching. 1. Static stretching refers to holding the end range of a stretch for an extended period of time. Usually 30 seconds to one minute. Static stretching is recommend post workout… Read More

10 No Equipment Abdominal Exercises

Great news! You do not need equipment to strengthen your abs! Here are 10 of my favorite abdominal exercises using your bodyweight. 1. Side Plank Reach Primary muscles targeted: shoulders, obliques – Draw your navel in toward your spine and squeeze your glutes throughout. – Avoid allowing your hips to sink 2. Forearms To Hands…

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My Top 10 Favorite Push-Up Variations

Push-ups are a simple bodyweight exercise you can use to strengthen your chest and core. Slight variations can make pushups more fun and challenging. Here are 10 of my favorite push-up variations! 10. Kneeling Push-ups   Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted: Shoulders, pecs, core Kneeling push-ups are a great beginner modification. Tip 1. Exhale as you push up.… Read More

3 Simple Balance Exercises For Beginners

Humans rely on balance and stability to complete basic tasks. Exercises that require focus, while challenging stability, can translate to improved balance in your daily life. If you are a beginner you will want to keep it simple. Here are 3 of my favorite simple balance exercises for beginners to help you establish a balance practice.… Read More