My Top 10 Favorite Push-Up Variations

Push-ups are a simple bodyweight exercise you can use to strengthen your chest and core. Slight variations can make pushups more fun and challenging. Here are 10 of my favorite push-up variations! 10. Kneeling Push-ups   Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted: Shoulders, pecs, core Kneeling push-ups are a great beginner modification. Tip 1. Exhale as you push up.… Read More

My 12 Favorite Dumbbell Exercises

I enjoy incorporating dumbbell exercises in my routine. I can do simple, dynamic and powerful movements using dumbbells. I keep them in the garage, I take them with me to the park and I use them at the gym. Here are 12 of my favorite exercises using a dumbbell: 1. Dumbbell squats really engage my…

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