Routine To Wake Up Your Glutes

Having strong glutes and mobile hips improves posture, and helps prevent injury. Here is a set of exercises I recommend to help you strengthen your buttocks and mobilize your hips. Do this routine in the morning to wake up your glutes before you sit! 1. Glutes Foam Roll Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted: Gluteus medius, gluteus… Read More

How To Get Full Body Workout Using A Bench

You can use a bench to get your heart rate up, to stretch and to strengthen your full body. Here is one of my favorite full body strength and conditioning routines, using a bench. Try these exercises and share your experience in the comment section below! 1. Incline Mountain Climbers Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted: Shoulders,…

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10 No Equipment Abdominal Exercises

Great news! You do not need equipment to strengthen your abs! Here are 10 of my favorite abdominal exercises using your bodyweight. 1. Side Plank Reach Primary muscles targeted: shoulders, obliques – Draw your navel in toward your spine and squeeze your glutes throughout. – Avoid allowing your hips to sink 2. Forearms To Hands…

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My Top 10 Favorite Push-Up Variations

Push-ups are a simple bodyweight exercise you can use to strengthen your chest and core. Slight variations can make pushups more fun and challenging. Here are 10 of my favorite push-up variations! 10. Kneeling Push-ups   Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted: Shoulders, pecs, core Kneeling push-ups are a great beginner modification. Tip 1. Exhale as you push up.… Read More

Core Workout Using a Pull Up Bar

I love incorporating exercises that use the pull up bar in my routine. Since I started hanging at least once a week, I have noticed several benefits: -My hands, arms, shoulders, core and hips flexors feel stronger. -My shoulder range of motion has improved. -After I hang, my back feels better aligned. -Being able to…

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EXERCISE SIMPLIFIED! MOVE DAILY WITH KAI’S ONLINE EXERCISE MEMBERSHIP Join and get instant access to the exercise video library! ✔ Short exercise tutorial videos for ALL fitness levels. ✔ Use finder tools to customize your search. ✔ Equipment and non-equipment exercise options. ✔ Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. ✔ Desktop and mobile friendly. GET…

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