Core Workout Using a Pull Up Bar

I love incorporating exercises that use the pull up bar in my routine. Since I started hanging at least once a week, I have noticed several benefits: -My hands, arms, shoulders, core and hips flexors feel stronger. -My shoulder range of motion has improved. -After I hang, my back feels better aligned. -Being able to…

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My Exercise Video Membership Subscription Is Finally Here!

I am so excited to announce, my exercise video membership subscription is finally here and ready for you to use! Join and see improvements in full body strength, range of motion, balance, stability, joint health, pain relief, and athletic performance! *Choose at least one new exercise to practice everyday. *Start with beginner exercises, progress to…

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Membership Join

EXERCISE SIMPLIFIED! MOVE DAILY WITH KAI’S ONLINE EXERCISE MEMBERSHIP Join and get instant access to the exercise video library! ✔ Short exercise tutorial videos for ALL fitness levels. ✔ Use finder tools to customize your search. ✔ Equipment and non-equipment exercise options. ✔ Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. ✔ Desktop and mobile friendly. GET…

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Exercise Video Membership EXERCISE FINDEREXERCISE PLAYLISTSACCOUNTEXERCISE FINDER Training Type: Balance  (17) Bodyweight  (73) Cardio  (23) Drills  (9) Flexibility  (37) Recovery  (23) Weights  (18) Equipment: Bar  (10) Bench  (12) BOSU  (13) Dumbbell  (10) Foam Roller  (9) Kettlebell  (8) No Equipment  (56) Strap  (5) Swiss Ball  (5) Body Focus: Abdomen  (36) Arms  (33) Back  (19) Chest  (4) Feet  (14) Hands  (1) Hips  (67) Legs  (76) Shoulders  (33) Difficulty: Beginner  (88) Intermediate  (32) Advanced  (7) #post-grid-1599 .element_0{display: block;font-size: 21px;line-height: normal;padding: 5px 10px;text-align: left;} #post-grid-1599 .element_0:hover{}#post-grid-1599 .item{… Read More


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