How To Get Full Body Workout Using A Bench

You can use a bench to get your heart rate up, to stretch and to strengthen your full body. Here is one of my favorite full body strength and conditioning routines, using a bench. Try these exercises and share your experience in the comment section below! 1. Incline Mountain Climbers Difficulty: Beginner Primary muscles targeted:¬†Shoulders,…

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3 Simple Balance Exercises For Beginners

Humans rely on balance and stability to¬†complete basic tasks. Exercises that require focus, while challenging stability, can translate to improved balance in your daily life. If you are a beginner you will want to keep it simple. Here are 3 of my favorite simple balance exercises for beginners to help you establish a balance practice.… Read More

Core Workout Using a Pull Up Bar

I love incorporating exercises that use the pull up bar in my routine. Since I started hanging at least once a week, I have noticed several benefits: -My hands, arms, shoulders, core and hips flexors feel stronger. -My shoulder range of motion has improved. -After I hang, my back feels better aligned. -Being able to…

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